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  Our Diploma Program    

Mizmor School of Music's 3-year program is a rigorous and comprehensive music education program that prepares students for careers in music performance & composition. The program is designed for students and offers a wide range of courses in music theory, history, performance, and composition.

Students have the opportunity to study with some of Israel's most renowned musicians and educators, and to perform in a variety of ensembles and concerts. The program also includes a strong focus on Jewish music and culture, and students have the opportunity to learn about and perform Jewish music from a variety of traditions.

Upon graduation from the 3-year program, students receive a diploma in music performance & composition. They are well-prepared for careers as professional musicians, teachers, or composers.

  Our Departments   

The Mizmor School of Music has two main departments: Performance and Singer-songwriter. The performance department is aimed at instrumentalists who want to develop their skills to a professional level. The singer-songwriter department is aimed at  vocalists who want to learn how to write and perform their own songs.

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  Yearly Program    

In addition to a variety of courses in music theory, history, performance and individual lessons, students are also required to participate in ensembles and concerts. This gives them the opportunity to develop their skills in a collaborative setting and to perform in front of an audience.

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  Custom Program   

Mizmor School of Music’s tailored program is a unique and individualized music education program that is designed to meet the specific needs and goals of each student. The program is ideal for students who want to learn at their own pace and who want to focus on specific areas of music.

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