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Support Jewish & Israeli emerging musicians impacted by the war in Israel We are seeking financial assistance for the Mizmor School of Music. The school has been significantly impacted by the current war in Israel, and we need to ensure that our students and staff can continue their studies and work. We are asking for your support for two specific purposes: Scholarships: Many of our students are struggling to pay their tuition fees due to the war. We are asking for your help to provide scholarships to these students so that they can continue their studies without financial hardship. General support: The war has impacted the school had a number of other financial implications for the school. Givat Washington Institute was converted to a temporary Military Base forcing us to find a temporary alternative premises. We are asking for your help to cover these costs so that we can continue to provide our staff & students with the best possible routine. Any donation would make a real difference to us. Your support would help us to: Keep our tuition fees affordable for all students Provide scholarships to students who are struggling to pay their fees Cover the unexpected school and stuff costs General fund $100-$500 Adopt a student for a month $750 Supporting a student for a semester is $3000 Tuition is $5000 for a full year We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone, but we hope that you will consider supporting the Mizmor School of Music during this critical time. Your donation would make a real difference to our students and to the future of Jewish-Israeli music. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Benyamin Schwartz - Director Hadas Trainin - Academic Director The Mizmor School of Music


Mission Statement

Mizmor School of Music is a unique institution that is dedicated to the promotion and development of Jewish-Israeli music. The school's vision is to create a world where Jewish-Israeli music is flourishing and thriving, and where the next generation of Jewish-Israeli musicians and composers is able to make a significant impact on the world of music in Israel and on the Jewish communities around the world.
For more information about Gap year music program in Israel click here

  חזון בית הספר מזמור


מטרת בית הספר מזמור לפתח יצירה יהודית ישראלית מקורית על ידי הכשרת דור חדש של יוצרים שיוכלו להשתלב ולהטביע חותם על כיכר התרבות הישראלית ולהשמיע טון ייחודי ברחבי העולם. חזון בית הספר הוא להקים אסכולה של יוצרים עכשוויים שיביאו קול חדש ומרענן שכולל בתוכו בדרך טבעית חיבורים בין מוזיקה ויהדות ולהוות מרכז עולמי למוזיקה יהודית וישראלית.

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Campus Resources

The Givat Washington campus offers quality resources to its students.  These include though are not limited to:

Synagogue/Beit Midrash

Dormitory Housing

Dining Hall


Concert/Lecture Halls

Swimming Pool


Convenience Store

Practice rooms

Our Location

Our Location

Conveniently located in the center of Israel, Mizmor School via bus is only one hour from Jerusalem, one hour from Tel Aviv, and 30 minutes from the beautiful beaches of Ashdod.

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